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Marty Chilton (Track Owner)
(941)650-7033 (phone or text)

  1. Frank Dagenais says:

    Hi! Everyone
    My name is Frank from Northern Ontario Canada.
    For people who don’t know my name I was playing around with the Orange Electrix Boost Buggy.
    As you all probably remember I’m as green as they come in this hobby.
    I would encourage anyone thinking of taking on this hobby to visit FZRC and you will not be disapointed. The people in that club are all super nice and very helpfull including the owner and organizers. It is inexpensive to join and worth every penny. The track is well kept and the atmosphere is awsome. They will do what it takes to keep you racing with technical help or even fix your car themselves and all with a smile. I had a chance to meet some great racers with top notch cars who were there to steer me in the right direction about the sport. All in all I had a blast and I’m very happy to have found this track. I’m sad to say that I have to leave soon as my holidays are coming to an end and must return to the snow next week.
    I just wanted to write this letter to thank everyone for their help and support and will be back next year unless circumstances beyond my control prevents me from doing so.
    I guess I will see you all in Feb 2013.
    Frank Dagenais

  2. Todd says:

    Hey Frank, Im wondering if you have a 1/8 4×4 class or is it just 1/10 scale?

  3. Chris Plizga says:

    My 10 year old boy will be coming to Punta Gorda to visit his grandparents for a couple of weeks. He wants to bring his vehicles, but were not aware of any tracks down in that area. He runs 10th scale sct mod and 10th buggy. Firstly, is your facility open, and of so what are the hours. I’m looking to keep him busy down there, any input would be appreciated.
    Thank you!

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