Points Standings

FZRC Series Spring 2012

FINAL RESULTS for Spring Series

CLASS                                   1st Place                           2nd Place                             3rd Place

NOVICE                              Peyton Shook                Billy England Jr.              Jason Hennosey

10th BUGGY                     Bruce Bennett               Jeremy Johan                   Paul Boyce

STADIUM TRUCK           Bruce Bennett              Alan Midoro                       Addison Midoro

STOCK SC                            Bruce Bennett              Paul Boyce                           Mike Myers

MOD SC                               Bruce Bennett               Erik Everett                         Bill Kersey

4×4 SC                                 Josh Boyce                     Jim Hess                               Paul Boyce

8th E BUGGY                     Jim Hess                          Jeremy Johan                   Mike Myers

8th E TRUGGY                  Jeremy Johan               Will Howell                         Scott Lambrigger


FZRC FALL SERIES starts on Sunday, August 5th and will be running the series races on the first Sunday of each month for 5 months

(5) races with 0ne drop.  Entry fees 1st $25.00, 2nd. $15.00, 3rd. $15.00, 4th. $15.00

CASH PAYOUT  and PRIZES  for top 3 in each class

Dates are  Sunday Aug. 5,  Sunday Sept. 2, Sunday Oct. 7, Sunday Nov. 4, Dec. 2 (final)


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